About Amplify 

 LLAM Amplify is an online fitness program dedicated to improving the lives of our members and local communities. We offer multiple different exercise models geared toward those with limited time, access or financial resources. These workouts can be done at home or in a full size gym! We also offer several opportunities throughout the year to give back to your local community.


Let's amplify your health, fitness and voice! 

Meet The Founders

Alicia McKenzie

Co-Founder and Head Coach

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Alicia McKenzie, also known as LiftLikeAMother, is a former USAW and Crossfit Athlete. She is a certified personal trainer with 12 years of experience in the fitness industry to include owning/operating a Crossfit gym for 5 years

She is a mother of 4 and a successful entrepreneur. She comes with experience in health and wellness, information technology and real estate.

Now, Alicia is dedicated to making a fit and healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone! 

George McKenzie

Co-Founder and CEO

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George McKenzie is a former Crossfit Affiliate owner and coach. Now, he slays cyber security dragons during the day and is Alicia's workout guinea pig, I mean partner, at night. He's also in charge of ensuring that LLAM Amplify runs smoothly. 

He is the level-headed yin to Alicia's free-willed yang.

What Amplify Offers

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Get In Touch

Wanna chat? Drop me a line! 

Address P.O. Box 49, McLean, VA 22101


Phone - (703)951-7417

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